Snake Motifs

Thinking about winter 2016/17, we are entering a period of reflection and murkiness and we are loving all things medieval and symbolic of a darker age. Influential designers such as St Laurent have inspired this trend direction of snakes.  This is relevant for all areas of accessories from hardware on bags through to motifs in brooches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins. 

Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or creative life force, this is why we often see snakes as a symbol of medicine. Although snakes appear a little aggressive and dangerous, their representations of rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing are really beautiful, feminine and positive.

About the Author
Jacqui Ma is the Director of Footwear & Accessories at WGSN, she is also the founder and designer of cycling bag company Goodordering. With 10 + years working in product design, trends, and manufacturing, her expertise lies in  fashion, accessories, footwear, innovation, business and content strategy.