Urban Active

The latest trend in urban bags is they look like you're planning a trekking trip in nepal buy you are planning to do it in style. These bags are colourful, are made out of nylon rather than leather and are generally pretty sporty. Here are eight of my favourite ones of the moment. You can see that the key thing they have in common is their bright colour blocks and playful aesthetic and slight retro feel.

Backpacks have become the must-have bag of the last few years. It has a lot to do with old fashioned ergonomics. Afterall, what is a more comfortable bag to carry when you have a lot of things to lug around with you. 

Brands clockwise

1) Goodordering 2) Cote et Ciel 3) Rains 4) Master-Piece

5) Boyscouts x Eastpak 6) Brooks 7) Unihood 8) Master-Piece

About the Author
Jacqui Ma is the Director of Footwear & Accessories at WGSN, she is also the founder and designer of cycling bag company Goodordering. With 10 + years working in product design, trends, and manufacturing, her expertise lies in  fashion, accessories, footwear, innovation, business and content strategy.