Snake Motifs

Snake Motifs

Thinking about winter 2016/17, we are entering a period of reflection and murkiness and we are loving all things medieval and symbolic of a darker age. Influential designers such as St Laurent have inspired this trend direction of snakes.  This is relevant for all areas of accessories from hardware on bags through to motifs in brooches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins. 

The MCM thing

If you haven't heard about MCM then you really don't know your bags! Featured on street style blogs, young fashionistas have adopted this previously uncool brand and made it very cool and desirable. The backpacks start at about £500 and are available from places like Harrods. But its not unusual to see kids covered in tattoos sporting these iconic (and expensive) backpacks.


Here is the watermelon coloured medium backpack and another shown on the streets of Seoul. Due to the rise of the blogger and social media, youth culture is reclaiming many brands and making them cool again. I wonder whether LV is going to have its time too?! 

Whats all the hype about luxury stickers

Recently brands like Anya Hindmarch have been selling luxury leather stickers to decorate bags in a move towards do-it-yourself style embellishment story. I love the idea of personalizing my hand bag but i'm not sure i would want to pay £70 to do it. Having said that i think its a brilliant idea and these seem to be selling like hotcakes so why not! 

The Chinese market and all those billions of people living there just love this kind of kidult kitsch and i'm sure this trend elevated to a luxury level will find its customer base. But, is this just a passing fad or is it something worth keeping? Will my £1500 leather handbag get sticky goo all over it when the adhesive goes bad after 15 years? What do you think?

Funny bags

Lately we have seen humour ramping up in accessories. Designers such as Jeremy Scott takes high fashion to a new level with his witty takes on popular culture. 


Charlotte Olympia's Gummy bear clutch is also a playful take on edible delights. At $800 its definitely more fashion than fast food.

These oversized gummy bears would be the perfect accompaniment to a serious event such as a business conference.

Olympia Le Tan's hand-made clutches including her famous book clutches retail at a wooping $1500 (when on sale) and also show that a little bit of childhood fantasy and kitsch humour goes a long way for the fashion conscious. I believe that humour will always play a big part in high fashion because afterall, the roots of dress up come from childhood innocence.

But of course it doesn't always have to cost a fortune. With a bit of creativity, you can also create some hilarious DIY wonders. I can definitely imagine myself passing a rainy Sunday afternoon repurposing an old phone with the help of some scissors and glue. The more absurd the better.